Are you one of the lucky twenty?

Who is in?

Well the teams and contestants are below. You can check out our last post for the rules here and we will be posting updates and maybe even some additional prizes along the way so make sure you keep up to date with your teams progress!

1 Damian Milling AFC Bournemouth
2 Paul Dodgson Arsenal
3 Dan Bridges Aston Villa
4 Howard Milner Brighton and Hove Albion
5 Lee Fallows Burnley
6 Ian Boyle Chelsea
7 Adrian Maddock Crystal Palace
8 Mark Ayres Everton
9 Jade Hollins Leicester City
10 Brett Earp Liverpool
11 Jonathan Pritchard Manchester City
12 David Mendoza Manchester United
13 Shaun Downing Newcastle United
14 Nicola Burrows Norwich City
15 Adam Hilton Sheffield United
16 Sofia Beevers Southampton
17 Louise Britton Tottenham Hotspur
18 Anthony Dunn Watford
19 Martin Gray West Ham United
20 Daniel Walsh Wolverhampton Wanderers

Best of luck!