Automotive Paint Manufacturers – Where did it all begin?

Automotive Paint Manufacturers have a very interesting beginning!

Whether you work for an Automotive Paint Manufacturer, distributor, bodyshop or a DIY enthusiast. We all think of spraying a car using modern methods, but where did it all begin?

In the beginning, Automotive paint did not always offer the same beautiful look that people have come to expect today. It was applied by hand and in cases would take 40 days to dry and cure and this had to be done once a year!


1924 saw the first Automotive paint revolution, the spray gun followed shortly by the ability the create a chrome finish. Paint was an acrylic derivative during the 1950’s which had to be baked to lock in the finish but again the finish was not as long lasting as desired. Driving into the 60’s they began baking acrylic enamels, resulting in a better shine and a longer lasting finish.

It wasn’t until the 1980’s that manufacturers began using urethane and polyurethane paints this resulted into far more comparable finishes that we have in today’s market. This also saw the introduction of clear coats to lock in finishes for longer.


Modern day Automotive paints at OEM level are now sometimes put through a process called electrocoating. This is a process when the vehicle shell is submerged in primers then using electrical current is bound to the metal itself.

So what is next for Automotive paint manufacturers?

With the emergence of driver aids major accidents are decreasing and small repairs are still quite prevalent. This has led to an increase in the needs and use of smart repair products that are quick drying but still providing a great finish.

The Future…

But what will the next 10 years see in terms of new products and techniques? Share your views with us!

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