Bank Holiday – Could be bad for you as an employer

Yipee… It is Bank Holiday weekend! A hard earned 3 day weekend for most. But it is a very dangerous for employers!


Bank Holidays could be a very bad day for you and your business because employees spend the long weekend with their loved ones/doing things the usual weekend doesn’t allow. Breathing a sigh of relief that they have reached another 3 day weekend milestone. They start to think about their career, where it is going, their ever increasing targets or the fact they just don’t feel valued!

Hidden dangers of Bank Holiday

Suddenly those thoughts mixed with the happiness driven by the Bank Holiday lead to the internet, job boards and worst of all recruiters! That high performing individual is now rapidly and psychologically removing themselves from your business. Worst of all you don’t even know it!


Just like pregnancy you start to think about the conception date. The only difference is this is not a happy moment. When did the seeds of betrayal begin, after all you have been a great employer right? What drove them to attend at least 2 interviews maybe more, often in your time. Wind it back and suddenly… Bank Holiday is firmly in the picture.

Prevention is better than cure

Bank Holiday is never the only offender here. There will often be other reasons but on many occasions the buck stops with you, your business or management of the individual. This time would never have come if the individual had felt appreciated, that they had a progression plan or even some access to training for instance. Sometimes just a thank you for a job well done can tip the balance. Sometimes it isn’t pay rises or grand gestures but the simple things that would prevent this situation arising.

When it does happen what do you do?

We will do another blog on counter offers, handling resignations in the next couple of weeks because that is a whole different kettle of fish but very simple to deal with.

Experience and Expertise

The first thing you should do at the end of that meeting is call FFR Automotive we have access to 1000’s of the industries best candidates, latest technology and years of Aftermarket recruitment but more importantly even more years of general recruitment experience.

Cost effective and time efficient

So you can rest assured that whether Rachel the receptionist, Simon the salesperson, Pat the product manager or Mandy from marketing hands in their notice, we will be able to find the right replacement in the most cost effective and time efficient way. From entry level to boardroom across car, cv and refinish UK wide we have you covered!

That is why FFR Automotive are the UK’s no.1 Aftermarket recruitment business based on quality service, its delivery and value!

Look out for our next blog but in the meantime add our number to your mobile…

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