Changing attitudes in a changing marketplace?

I was on the train from Birmingham to Leicester earlier in the week. It was extremely busy so I jumped into the nearest available seat. Anyway, the journey took around 45 mins from New Street to where I got off in Narborough and during that time, I enjoyed the opportunity to sit quietly and appreciate the view out of the window (although Leicestershire isn’t exactly exciting!).


Within that same time, the millennial that I was sat next to on the train managed to watch a TV Show, listen to music, taken 3 phone calls from friends, eaten a sandwich and had a nap. I was astonished! As a fellow “millennial” it started a deeper thought process for me about the world of work, how people are changing and the impact that this has on the workplace environment, both now and for the future.

The world has changed hugely in the past 15 years, no market more so than the automotive aftermarket. We are now in a world of e-commerce, instant messaging and next day delivery. Anything can be had instantly and is a click away, however the majority of the roles we still recruit for are the opposite of the changing world around us. Highly regimented in terms of working hours, responsibility, location and expectations.


Now I fully appreciate that a lot of roles are dependent on the market place that they serve, however a large number of roles are usually restricted to someone needing to be able to commute to the office in a certain location and work a certain time throughout the week. We are in exactly the same position as a lot of companies – having just hired an apprentice to start with us. Not to blow our own trumpet too much, but we are doing all we can to make sure that we fit around our new starter rather than she has to fit into our routine. Letting her pick her own working hours (we are in the office much earlier and much later so it doesn’t matter to us!) and letting her tell us which area she is most comfortable with rather than trying to force her to do something. The hope in the long run is that she will stay with us of course!

Why do people leave?

With my experience on the train, it also got me thinking about a wider point of people and why do they actually leave roles? As a recruiter, we speak to a huge range of individuals and hear all manner of reasons for leaving, but very rarely is it simply down to boredom and monotony? Attention spans seem to be shorter than they’ve ever been in a world of one-click anything, however roles and jobs have invariably stayed the same so are people leaving, simply because they are in the pursuit of something different or more interesting?

Recognising the need for change

With unemployment the lowest it’s ever been and a chronic lack of individuals who are interested in looking for a new role – due to market consolidation, security fears, Brexit etc., it is companies that need to recognise the changing attitudes of the workforce and do all they can in their power to be as flexible as possible. This will not only help find and secure the best talent out there, but also aid in the retention of the current staff base.

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