Christmas is coming – Is that a problem for your recruitment?

6 Mondays left!

So as of today there are 6 Mondays until Christmas week. You may not want to think about gifts and Santa but what does that mean for your recruitment process?

Does it matter to you? Are you prioritising correctly? Do yo need to change anything? Read on to find out!

Average time to hire

Regardless of Christmas, the average time from a role becoming available to offer is 27 working days and the average notice period is 20 working days (4 weeks) so that gives us a total of 47 working days. So what’s the problem, you may ask?!


Here is the problem, there is only 41 days to the Monday of Christmas week. Take out weekends and we have less than 30 working days. Not enough right?

Well that depends on recruitment mindset (wanting to recruit) vs recruitment reality (needing to recruit). How you prioritise and invest in the process. Do you want to get it done or need to get it done?

Wanting to recruit!

There is a big difference between having a gap in your team and “wanting” to recruit (mindset) and the actual “need” to recruit (reality).

How so, well it is very simple! Many businesses have roles that become available and the first thought is just to replace that person, so the recruitment process begins contacting HR or your recruiter “Lets get the ball rolling”.

Often when the decision is made this way there can be issues with the process because you “want” to recruit. It’s the mindset, let’s replace what we had, just because… and it happens a lot!

This process often will not be at the top of your priority list, the team will be getting by or you are thinking about a restructure perhaps. This leads to delays in reviewing profiles, making yourself available for interviews or even not communicating with HR or the recruiter you have engaged to help fill the role.

This isn’t an intentional thing (well ignoring the ringing phone or emails is) it comes from the mindset that you have an outstanding role but other priorities and workload to deal with first.

Let’s be honest, if you could upgrade your car to the brand new, top of the range model for just a £1 but there was a deadline of Friday, you would find a way of making it happen and wouldn’t say I’m too busy would you.
If this is where you find yourself, you want to recruit!

Let HR or your recruiter know ASAP!

If this is the case let HR or your recruiter know asap because they will be working hard to fill your role and if it isn’t the priority they may think, they can then concentrate on other roles. Also they can update candidates they may have spoken to because significant damage can be done to your brand, 70% of candidates would not reapply to a business following a protracted or disjointed recruitment process. So you may have lost the ideal candidate before you need to recruit, which is disappointing when it can be avoided easily. It also prevents any damage to the relationship between you and the people working to fill your role. No one likes working only to find out the person who instructed you wasn’t fully engaged after all. It is very demotivating.

Need to recruit?

With that said how do you know you need to recruit? That is even more simple! Ask yourself, will not recruiting cost your business revenue? Damage customer relationships? put extra strain on your existing team? and is that strain unsustainable without affecting service and its delivery? If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then you need to recruit. Also if you are displaying any of the want to recruit traits, it would be wise to change that because you may be sabotaging your own process and the chances of recruiting your preferred candidate.

Again let your HR or recruiter know ASAP!

If your HR or recruiter do not feel that you are engaged in the process, you don’t answer their calls or emails or return feedback on profiles then the days you have left are going to a problem for you. According to recent research, a mid level unfilled position costs a business between £350 – £500 per day. (role dependent) That does not account for damage to reputation or future revenues. So if you need to recruit, can you afford not to recruit and do it efficiently.
You owe it to your employers, business or stakeholders to make it a priority… the clock is ticking!

Final thoughts

So are you recruiting? After reading this do you want or need to recruit? Does that person need to be started or at the very least offered prior to Christmas? And what are you going to do about it?

Christmas is coming!

The days may be dwindling but don’t fall into the trap of residing yourself to the fact it won’t happen before Christmas because there is still time. If you have the right HR team or recruiter at your disposal.

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