FFR Automotive become recruitment partner to TIDAL

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FFR Automotive are proud to announce that we have become the official recruitment partner to industrial and refinish distribution group… TIDAL as part of their business extensions programme.

Tidal is shaking up the UK Refinish industry with a fresh, exciting distribution alliance which helps forge partnerships between bodyshops, suppliers and third parties like insurance providers and now recruitment.

TIDAL was formed because the automotive industry has seen considerable change in recent years, impacting every segment of the market. Some products have become so over distributed that value has been driven out of the brand.

This results are either an alternative to the preferred brand gets introduced, or it sparks a price war which accelerates the “race to the bottom”. Both scenarios have a negative impact on brand image and loyalty.

TIDAL is a selling organisation dedicated to promoting and supporting selected brands in the national arena to ensure maximum sales potential and brand loyalty is achieved.

Already partnering with some of the biggest names in the industry including BASF they are rapidly growing their reputation as industry leaders!

TIDAL by numbers

With a total network value of over £40m, 25 locations UK wide, consisting of over 360 staff and 163 delivery vehicles. They really do have you covered!

Partner Extension Programme

One of the advantages of being a member of TIDAL is centrally agreed deals which offer preferred or exclusive partnership rates. Included in that is the Partner Extension Programme which covers services such as insurance or marketing and now recruitment with the introduction of FFR Automotive.


“We are pleased and excited to be the official recruitment partner of  TIDAL, as we believe they are trying and succeeding to change the industry for the better. That is exactly why FFR Automotive was formed! We only work with businesses that we believe share our vision and values and we believe that is true of TIDAL. We are looking forward to working with TIDAL and their members”

Gavin Collier (Director FFR Automotive)

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