Interview Advice by David Jobin

As recruiters we often take interviews for granted. Dealing with thousands a year means it’s a part of our daily life and we can sometimes forget that a candidate may not have had an interview for over 10 years! I’ve compiled below a few bits of advice to help you out during the interview itself.


We all get nervous, it’s human nature and ultimately there is not much we can do to dispel those nerves. Nerves show us that the interview and the job mean something to us! In certain situations, they can help keep us alert and having a few nerves are completely normal however excessive nerves can hinder us in giving a coherent performance. The best way to try and dispel nerves is to try and calm yourself before the interview happens. Have some food, listen to your favourite music, plan (and check) your route and make sure you arrive in plenty of time.

Interviews are not memory tests:

Having been involved in thousands of interviews, it still amazes. The best way to treat an interview is like any other meeting. You wouldn’t dream of sitting in a meeting for an hour without either notes you’ve already made, or materials to make notes. Why are interviews any different? Making sure you look prepared is just as important as being prepared! If you’ve got your CV printed out, written down notes and questions to ask and take a notebook & pen in with you, you’re not going to be penalised!

Don’t waffle:

You may come out of an interview after 4 hours thinking you’ve had a fantastic time. This can be a very one-sided view however as within that time, you’ve actually spoken for 3hrs 50mins and the employers you’ve met feel exhausted! The old adage of “you have 2 ears and 1 mouth” works well in interview situations. Listen to the question being asked (sounds obvious!) and try not to go off on a tangent – there will plenty of opportunity to talk through everything!

Interviews are changing:

You may not have had an interview for 10 years and your only experience is watching the apprentice. Interviews have changed a lot and, in this candidate driven market are a much friendlier affair. Companies are very rarely seeing huge numbers of candidates for interview so are able to take longer to get to know the individuals. Don’t let this worry you – embrace it as you are given the opportunity to talk about yourself and show your personality (not just what’s on your CV)

My top tip:

My biggest tip within the interview itself is try and self-analyse throughout the process. If you have a voice in the back of your head reminding you to calm down / talk less / demonstrate more / maintain more eye contact then you can change before it’s too late.

In short:

There are of course thousands of other tips out there and each one will cater to different situations, levels of seniority and job roles. You’ve got to pick what’s right for you and run with it – there’s no perfect interview technique that guarantees results!

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