Is recruiter exclusivity the best option?

Let’s get straight to it!

Exclusivity is absolutely the right way to go when engaging a recruiter, regardless of the role and industry. BUT, and this is a big but, ask yourself WHY and WHO is it right for, you or the recruiter?


Now all of the usual reasons are valid, such as briefing multiple agencies saves you time, you get the recruiters full attention, you don’t have to field dozens of recruiter calls and it doesn’t reflect well on a brand if too many recruiters are working to fill the same role.

So going back to my point of who is it right for? Often it is just the recruiter in truth! 

Too honest?

My lord I hear you cry, how can you as a recruiter and business owner be saying that. Well it is simple, exclusivity is the correct way for all the reasons above and I mean all of them. The only caveat being, if you reward a recruiter with exclusivity ensure that YOU are rewarded with the best value for money proposition.

Our Market Research

We have undertaken a large market research exercise over the last 6 months. Comparing the fees and service offering of aftermarket recruitment businesses. A very high percentage of the aftermarket businesses surveyed have, over the last decade used in the main one of two aftermarket recruitment businesses.

The results were simply astounding! Highlighted by the following 5 key points:

  1. 90% of businesses that have used a specialist aftermarket recruitment business during the last decade, were/are/have all paid a minimum of 15% of salary
  2. Of that 90% exactly 0% had experienced any reduction in fee for exclusivity
  3. 0% had ever received any other added value on top of the basic recruitment service
  4. The average recruitment fee stood at just under £5000 and is rising
  5. 75% didn’t truly understand what benefit they gained from exclusivity and had never tested the market to see if they were getting the best service on offer.

If any of the above resonates with you, you are not benefitting as you should be from exclusivity with your chosen aftermarket recruitment business.

So when and does exclusivity truly benefit both sides?

When you actually get something in return for your loyalty other than a candidate potentially accepting the role (which is the minimum you would expect). If that is all your aftermarket recruitment business offers when you sign on the dotted line, I would seriously think twice. Forget the smoke and mirrors, push them to find out why you should be giving them exclusivity based on your current agreement. Effectively why them over anyone else?

It is when you are not consistently overcharged for your loyalty, you should never pay the same rate for an exclusive campaign. A contingency campaign, with no guarantee of success should always command a higher fee for obvious reasons. It is simple risk to reward that we all understand as professionals.

In summary, exclusivity truly is the right way to go, as long as it isn’t down to complacency on all sides and all sides benefit equally. You compare everything at home from insurance to hotels however, when it comes to recruitment it is seldom ensured that what you are getting is the truly best the market has to offer.

Something to think about!

Article written by Gavin Collier – Director – FFR Automotive

FFR Automotive is a specialist aftermarket recruitment business, who recruit for all roles at all levels within the Automotive Aftermarket fields of Car, Commercial Vehicle and Refinish across the UK.

We operate a simple pre agreed Fixed Fee solution along with value added services, such as our industry leading 12 month candidate guarantee and free candidate training.  

We currently 95% role offered within 4 weeks and 99% within 6 weeks across vacancies at all levels.  

So you don’t have pay more, anymore. Nor does that mean a drop in service or it’s delivery. Which is why we have quickly established ourselves as the UK’s no.1 Aftermarket recruitment business based on value and service.