Is Summer a good time for employers?

So why is Summer NOT a good time?

Many candidates and clients who should be working together never make that a reality, why? simple, Summer Holidays. I can hear you laughing and thinking what does that have to do with it? Well let me explain….

Every year clients have recruitment needs reactive and proactive which cover the months of June-September. They begin the process and then bang! The dreaded Summer Holiday. The candidate has a fortnight in Spain they get back the client has a fortnight in the Algarve. An entire month passes from either a cv being sent or a first interview taking place. Yes an entire month! Now we have all heard the saying “Time kills deals” well in this scenario it does because among other reasons the client has a need so urgent they cannot make the timescales work, the candidate becomes disengaged from the process or they just feel their current situation isn’t so bad after a couple of weeks of vitamin D and Sangria. (This will not last but the reality will hit too late)

So how can you help you? Very simple…. be decisive! So here are a few things to consider.

  • Be realistic with timelines.
  • Work back from your critical start date by 4 weeks (av notice period) that is the latest you can have an offer accepted. You then can plan your 1st and 2nd stage interview deadlines from where you are currently.
  • Reduce the stages, do you need to have 2 or 3 stages in the process. Can you get the decision makers in the room at the 1st stage. Surveys are suggesting protracted process as a major deciding factor when considering an employer.
  • Review your cv’s quickly, if using an agency do not leave it 2 weeks to give feedback on a cv. In a marketplace with record low unemployment and skills shortages candidates have many other options. It is not arrogance or indifference, it is fact.
  • As above feedback from interviews is equally critical, it is not acceptable in either case and does damage to your brand if you delay feedback. (48hrs is a reasonable expectations)
  • Manage expectations and avoid cliche responses like “I have a few more to see and will get back to you!” This is a very vague and does not leave the candidate with a positive impression. Give them a timescale and stick to it, regardless of your other candidates.

These are just some of the pitfalls that happen every year and prevent great candidates working for great companies.

So the next time you are entering into the hiring process at this time of year head the warning “time kills deals” but more importantly so could the Summer Holidays!

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