You are being overcharged for your Recruitment… Did you know?

Key step infographicAm I being Overcharged?

Probably! Many people are being overcharged, whether that is within the Aftermarket or recruitment in general.

Let’s look at what you pay for…

Let’s take the sector out of it and look at the recruitment process as shown in the image. (left) There are more sub areas of the process but this is the process in it’s simplest of form and very similar to what you would expect. (recruiter side) The recruitment process has not really changed in decades besides the obvious advances in technology and social media. You should Advertise, Source, Interview, Manage the offer process and then there is the Aftercare (which is a whole different post).

So where is this going?

Well let’s assume that regardless of the fee you pay, your recruiter carries out the full process. Which I can guarantee you that many don’t! But let’s say they do and they place a candidate with you. Hooray! Success! Right?…. Wrong, you have probably been overcharged!


Because recruitment is a finite process pure and simple. Logic says if the full process has been followed and you have the end result, your chosen candidate. The only variable is PRICE!

So why do people pay more?

It is a mystery!? Because if you were buying a product or service, anything from gas/electricity to a new car, what would you do?

You would look at all of the providers of the product or service you require and you would look at the price. Now that is different to choosing based on price without understanding what you are getting for your money. That is worse than being overcharged, like I said from the top, let’s assume the complete process is carried out for a fair test.

The outcome is what businesses need the most!

Now often track record is a factor or prior relationship, those things can be built with new providers. If you are the MD of a business, you would hope that your HR or hiring managers are getting the best out of your recruitment budget and that decisions are based on what is best for the business. Being overcharged is never best for business!

If only you had a choice… well actually you do!

If I came to you now and offered you, your ideal candidate and said

You can pay £5000 per candidate


you can pay £4000 per candidate

Which would you choose?

That is a simple as your choice gets… Do you WANT to be OVERCHARGED?

There is an alternative though!

FFR Automotive recruit for Aftermarket Industry UK Wide! We are the total aftermarket recruitment solution from entry level to boardroom.

We specialise in both Sales, Technical, Marketing, Product and Head Office appointments for Manufacturers, Distributors and End Users across Car, CV and Refinish sectors. There is no role within the Aftermarket we do not have the experience to recruit for!

FFR stands for fixed fee recruits, which means a simple low fixed fee is agreed at the start of any campaign. So you can rest assured that you will not be “overcharged” by US!

Our FFR Automotive Guarantee, means that we will NOT be beaten on service or price when recruiting for any level of role within the Aftermarket!

To view our latest  roles click here FFR Latest Vacancies

For more details please click here FFR Automotive or call us 01162 795 115.  We have an enviable track record in this sector and have helped 100’s of  professionals, progress their careers with the UK’s leading Aftermarket businesses.