The Psychological Contract

Managers/Leaders do you know what this is?

The psychological contract is always developing and evolving based on communication in a business or team, or lack of in some cases. This is mainly between the employee and the employer. Over promising, over promoting or promised salary increases, for example, may form part of the psychological contract.

Another example could be when you interview someone for a position within your team and you “Sell them the Dream” but when they take the role soon see the “Dream” is not the “Reality” this is also another way when it can affect the psychological contract

As managers or leaders, managing expectations is key, so that you don’t accidentally give employees the wrong perception of an action or environment which then doesn’t materialise. Employees are also responsible to manage expectations so that, for example, difficult situations or adverse personal circumstances that affect productivity aren’t seen by management as deviant.



Don’t Forget…

Training comes in many forms all of which can help with job satisfaction, it can be having a mentor to work alongside you, it could also be on the job coaching, it can also be support from your manager and team. Ultimately though, personal development is also your responsibility. Not all businesses have dedicated training programmes so over the coming weeks I hope to give you an insight into what can be achieved and if you wish to hear more you can connect with me through LinkedIN  and you can also follow my new LinkedIN page by clicking these links.

I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you!

Clare Campbell is the Authorised Training Partner to FFR Automotive. 

You can contact Clare directly on 07468 459 817 or via email [email protected]