Recruiters are revolting and we certainly are!!!!

We are revolting against high recruitment fees and complacency!!

Here at FFR Automotive we are revolting against the current complacent, high fee service offerings in the market. We believe that every business small or large should be able to afford a true consultancy service at an affordable price. Too many in our market are essentially reselling job board credits for £1000’s of pounds and have openly stated that they employ processes such as “boolean search strings” on candidate databases and job boards. (This is not rocket science btw) Now I am sorry, I have been in recruitment over a decade and it is a fact; that to get the best shortlist of candidates you have to “headhunt.” If it was as easy as a quick search, surely you would do it yourself a lot cheaper! The result ultimately, is the same recycled candidate groups, essentially available candidates not ideal candidates.

The Consultancy vs Agency Model

Unemployment is at an all time low and the majority of suitable candidates are not ON the market but IN the market for the right opportunity! These candidates are not on Total Jobs, CV Library or Jobsite to name a few popular job boards waiting for a call from a recruiter. Do we advertise jobs on job boards…. yes and at great expense, for no other reason than brand awareness. Over the last 2 years 95% of the roles we have filled have not come from “ad response” or website applications but headhunting the ideal candidates. Now that is the true difference between our consultancy and the other agencies!

Standard % model…. You are penalised for paying a candidate more.. That’s just wrong isn’t it?

Because we agree a simple fixed fee at the start of the campaign you are not penalised for offering your ideal candidate a higher salary. Why should you wanting to pay more result in you paying more in agency fees. How can you budget effectively? Also how can you trust that it is the candidate that has that expectation and not a consultant driven by KPI’s and monetary targets not trying to push up the fee. Well with us it doesn’t even come into question as we have already agreed the fee at the start of the campaign.

So we are revolting and laying down a challenge to anyone who is looking to recruit a new member of staff and the other complacent recruitment businesses!

GET IN TOUCH WITH US along with your usual recruiter and “We guarantee that we will not be beaten on price. We will beat any like for like fee quoted in the aftermarket!” So if you are recruiting you have nothing to lose and everything to save!

Great Candidates – One Fixed Fee – Consultancy but affordable!

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