Refinish 10 Second Update – Brexit

Dare I say the B word, you know the one. The one everyone is sick of hearing constantly, or mainly used for “click bait” on social media. Yep, you got it Brexit!


Recent events in the industry such as Saint Gobains’ purchase of Farecla, have shown one thing businesses are ensuring they will be able to operate regardless of the deal. I believe this is down to the fact that Farecla have a UK manufacturing facility that will enable products to be made in the UK and not imported as other products are.

Brexit Effects on Recruitment

Many business’s are holding fire on recruitment at present with the deal looming to see how exactly it will affect the UK operations, this is mainly in the Manufacturer world where companies are in the majority non UK entities. Some business’s seem to be expanding (keep an eye on here for new roles hitting the market).

Talent and Salaries

The talent market is as ever shrinking with the best employees locked into business with great salaries. I am seeing large increases across the board. A £30k employee is now looking at a minimum of £33,000 to move and more towards £35,000. More on this later in the week including counter offers.

So what next?

Only the in the next quarter are we really going to see the full effect of Brexit but I for one welcome the challenge it will bring.

Recruiting for the Refinish Industry

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