Spread the cost of your recruitment over 12 months!

Have you ever thought?

I would use a specialist aftermarket recruitment service however, I wish I could spread the cost of using a recruiter over a longer period? or I would use a specialist aftermarket recruiter would to help me find the right candidate if it wasn’t so cost prohibitive?… Well now you can!

Introducing the FFR Automotive – Full Fee Guarantee… only pay the full fee if your candidate completes 12 months

You can now breakdown the cost of your recruitment over 12 months and you only pay every instalment if your candidate completes 12 months service. Not only do you reduce and minimise the initial outlay, it gives you access to a full consultancy recruitment service that you    may not have been able to utilise previously and the result is that you will recruit from the best candidates the aftermarket has to offer! Win,win,win!

When FFR Automotive was launched it was done so with the aim of making the “FULL” consultancy recruitment service available to everyone, whilst delivering flexible and innovative solutions, fit for todays modern employment landscape! We believe we are succeeding and so do our current clients, that is why our tagline is Aftermarket recruitment…only BETTER!

We understand we are a distress purchase

Cash flow and budgeting is key at any time especially in the current climate. The need to recruit the best candidate for the job should not be secondary to using the best methods to secure that candidate regardless of the cost. A bum on a seat is not the solution and should never be the default option when there is an alternative. In many cases, when the need to recruit arises it is not because of planning but because of necessity, maybe an employee has announced they are leaving for instance. This scenario has a bigger cost than just the recruitment of the placement, lost revenue, training time or impact on your brand. Studies show the average cost is equal to 6-9 months total salary, well in excess of £10,000, (for mid level roles) so every day counts, time really is money.

Let’s talk

Let’s discuss how we can help you to utilise our specialist recruitment service and secure the talent you need to drive your business forward. We recruit across Car, Commercial Vehicle and Refinish sectors, UK Wide. We cover every role from entry level to boardroom meaning we are your total aftermarket recruitment solution!

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