The Wishes and Waves Foundation – Official Launch

Today is a very proud day for us all at FFR Automotive. Today is the official launch of The Wishes and Waves Foundation! 

Today the Wishes and Waves website is live and together we are going to change the sad statistic that more than 25% of children cannot enjoy a traditional “bucket and spade” day out let alone holiday, such is the pressure on income versus living costs.


Most of us here at FFR Automotive were lucky enough to experience playing on the sand and in the sea and those memories live on today as some of the happiest in our lives.

Shouldn’t all children experience that feeling? Well together we can help more do so!

That is why every placement made with FFR Automotive will result in someone else being given the chance to experience what many take for granted.

Not just Seaside Trips!

The Wishes and Waves Foundation will also aim to give children the opportunity to experience things they would not otherwise get the chance to do. This will include Zoo trips, Farm trips and many more. Did you know 1 in 8 children in the UK have never seen a cow in real life let alone visited a farm.

Not Just Children!

The Wishes and Waves Foundation will not just be aimed at changing these statistics for children and young families but also the elderly. A study by Age UK states that over a million people 65+ are chronically lonely and goes days without talking to another human being. This again is not acceptable in our eyes that is why we will look to provide day trips which will bring people together and enable them to regain a sense of friendship and companionship.

Who responsibility is this?

The answer is all of us. These are our communities and our responsibility! Let”s work together and make them a better place!

You can visit The Wishes and Waves Foundation website by clicking here. You will also be able to make a donation if you feel that you would like to support our projects.